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Tiny Towing is the most experienced tiny house towing company in Australia. We pride ourselves in moving and setting up your tiny house with professionalism and care. A specialised 4WD tow vehicle enables us to deliver and set up your tiny house in the most difficult locations. The use of specialty equipment means that a tiny house can be moved into areas of tight access.

Your tiny house is installed by an expert licensed builder who can organise footings, excavation, plumbing set up, stairs and decking. Our towing service is based in Sydney but regularly travels to different parts of Australia. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your location and delivery requirements.

Tiny House Towing

Tiny House Towing

We are the most experienced tiny house towing service in Australia.



We deliver Australia wide

Setup Service

Setup Service

No idea about setting up the tiny house? Then you have come to the right place.

barge hire

Barge hire

Seeking for barge hire? Tiny House Towing provide you barge hire in affordable price. Contact Us Today !


We not only transport tiny houses we provide a wide variety of setup services depending on your needs. With more than 20years building houses we can facilitate all kinds of services such as piers, decks, stairs etc

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We are the most experienced tiny house towing company in Australia. A tiny house does not tow like any other vehicle. Being experienced at towing such a unique vehicle is vital in ensuring your tiny house arrives safely.

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